Choosing a Blockchain PR Agency

If you’re interested in creating a buzz for your blockchain startup, a blockchain PR agency is an excellent choice. These firms have a proven track record and guarantee results. In addition to building buzz for your blockchain startup, these firms can help you establish your community. A PR agency will also help you get funded by reaching out to institutional investors, niche venture capitalists, and savvy family offices. The right PR agency will also be able to present your startup in front of FinTech conferences, where you can meet potential investors and potential users.

When choosing a blockchain PR agency, you should look at the companies they’ve worked with in the past. To begin, look at which top-tier crypto businesses they’ve worked with. Reach out to these companies and ask how they got involved with their brand. It’s also important to look at the publications they routinely place brands in. If you see your brand in tier-one crypto publications, then it’s likely that the PR agency has the right connections.

When it comes to distributing PR articles to the media, you should be targeting specific audiences. Instead of trying to reach the whole crypto community, you should target specific groups to promote your blockchain project. For example, if you want to market your crypto project to the gaming community, you should target websites that cover games and developer news. This way, you’ll increase your visibility and brand loyalty. While media coverage can be a great way to increase exposure for your blockchain project, it’s important to engage the community to gain trust. Remember that crypto users are wary of scams and are more likely to buy from a company that they respect.

While traditional PR has an important role in generating publicity for your company, blockchain PR is particularly important for early stage investors. Unlike traditional PR, blockchain PR relies on the power of communities. In addition to leveraging existing networks and relationships, blockchain PR agencies can help you connect with these communities and create meaningful connections for your business. If you’re interested in working with a blockchain PR agency, you can benefit from their extensive experience and knowledge in the field.

If you’re looking to hire an experienced PR agency, you might consider Blockwiz. Blockwiz was founded by the crypto marketing wizard Dev Sharma and is based in Canada. Its PR strategies take into consideration your brand tonality, and are executed at the right time for maximum impact. Moreover, the company has established partnerships with top crypto media houses, which ensures that your PR campaigns are well-timed and successful.

CryNet is another blockchain PR agency that focuses on press relations and thought leadership. They will help you prepare for interviews and establish your reputation as an expert in the blockchain community. They are a TOP Tech branch and work with both blockchain and non-crypto companies. To get the best PR possible for your blockchain startup, you should consider hiring a PR agency. But if you don’t know how to start a PR agency, consult a professional.